Oil and Gas.

I’ECO partners with companies in every energy sector and discipline, from wellheads to refineries in oil and gas, to boardrooms of alternative energy companies and logistics networks of liquid fuel distributors. Our teams include world-class consultants and seasoned industry specialists who speak your language and bring a bias for action and the proven ability to drive real results.

Real Estate.

Rapid urbanization, regulatory constraints and pressure on natural resources are just a few of the challenges that real estate investors face. The pressure is on for property owners and facility managers to implement viable and durable plans for long-term success. From market analysis and financial feasibility to planning, approvals and deal structuring, I’ECO will guide you through the complexities and nuances of the real estate market.


The transport and infrastructure sector are highly fragmented with thousands of small to medium businesses dominated by several large market players. The industry environment is magnified by the global the sector is also very capital intensive and often relies on the investment community for funding and growth. By advising or joining your management team, I’ECO can help you improve processes and controls, reduce costs, improve performance, maximize working capital and create shareholder value.


From re-working previously depleted fields to drilling new wells, improving performance and managing costs from proposal through production is critical to the success of your organization. When growth requires substantial investment in new assets and adapting to an industry downturn requires rapidly selling assets at the right time to the right buyer, you need fact-based recommendations that drive action. I’ECO brings the skills and expertise to help operators safely and cost- effectively develop a range of profitable projects in their asset portfolio.

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