Investment philosophy

I'ECO’s sole focus is to provide the highest quality advice to its clients and partners to enhance their long-term success.


Independence and executive ownership

No conflicts, improve access, strong alignment

No corporate pressure to prioritise growth

Attract and retain skilled and experienced executives


A separately managed account (SMA)

Over time, markets, investment strategies, and teams change

Ability to add, reduce, modify or terminate in response

Implementation straightforward minimizes costs


Investment grade and sub-investment grade coverage

Increase number of origination touchpoints/deal flow

Development of deeper credit and structuring skills

Commitment to the credit rating methodology


Preservation of capital is fundamental

A selective approach to investment

Contracts, regulation, monopolies

Focus on core infrastructure, no style drift

Commitment to detailed due diligence


A proactive approach to origination

Primary and secondary markets

Advisors, borrowers, sponsors, banks, institutional investors

Target a modest number of investments each year



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